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About SonLight Energy Solutions

Let Sonlight Energy Solutions help you reduce your energy costs in your home or building. Sonlight Energy Solutions is located in McClure, Ohio and services the Toledo metro area and the surrounding areas in Northwest Ohio. Sonlight Energy Solutions is a participating contractor in Toledo Edison’s home energy audit program, which reduces the costs of a residential energy audit to $100 and provides valuable information to homeowners.

What Sets Sonlight Energy Solutions Apart From The Rest?

Sonlight Energy Solutions is BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified. BPI tests and certifies workers to make sure that the highest level of industry standards are being met. BPI certifications focus on energy efficiency for residential properties and retrofit work to properly weatherize properties. Many of the homes in McClure, Toledo and the surrounding areas of Northwest Ohio were built before strict codes for energy efficiency were created and enforced. This means that a good deal of homes throughout the area have issues that cause a high level of energy consumption.

Sonlight Energy Solutions works with homeowners and building owners to pinpoint areas of your home or building which are not up to current energy efficiency standards. By pinpointing problem areas, homeowners and building owners can save on their home heating, cooling and electricity bills if the proper measures are taken to get the property up to current energy efficiency recommendations.

Sonlight Energy Solutions works with each homeowner or building owner and provides personalized service. No two homes or buildings are alike and therefore, Sonlight Energy Solutions will create a plan based on your specific needs and budget. Sonlight Energy Solutions also uses the latest advances in technology for home and building energy audits, such as thermal imaging.

How Can Sonlight Energy Solutions Can Help Your Or Your Business?

Sonlight Energy Solutions can help you or your business by:

• Performing a home or building inspection to pinpoint areas that are causing a high level of energy consumption.
• Detect hidden problems using thermal imaging.
• Testing appliances, heating systems and cooling systems to make sure that they are working properly and that they are energy efficient.
• Installing energy efficient light bulbs, low flow showerheads and insulating hot water pipes.
• Energy star certifications for new homes.

For more information about Sonlight Energy Solutions and all of the services offered, contact us today. Now is a great time to start reducing your energy consumption and start saving on your utility bills.