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Thermal Imaging in Toledo

Thermal (infrared) imaging is one of the latest advances in home and building energy inspections. Previous to the use of thermal imaging in home energy inspections, it was sometimes difficult to detect problem areas within homes and buildings that couldn’t easily be seen with the human eye. For example, seeing air drafts between walls used to be impossible unless there was an obvious defect in the interior or exterior surfaces of the walls. Sonlight Energy Solutions offers thermal (infrared) home energy inspections in Toledo, Ohio, the Toledo metro area and surrounding communities in Northwest Ohio.

How Does Thermal (Infrared) Imaging Work?

Thermal imaging (infrared) can be done with either a still motion camera or a video camera. In order to be used for thermal imaging, either type of camera must either be manufactured as an infrared (IR) camera or be modified into an IR camera. The use of a thermal (infrared) camera allows Sonlight Energy Solutions the ability to see temperature variations in areas that aren’t easily accessible. When using a thermal imaging camera, warmer areas show up lighter in color, while cooler areas show up as darker colors.

Thermal imaging is used to help determine if the home or building being inspected has adequate insulation. If there’s a lack of insulation in an area or if insulation wasn’t installed correctly, thermal imaging can spot these areas so that the home or building owner is aware of the issue and can take the required steps to correct the problem if they choose to. Depending on the situation, thermal imaging may be performed from the interior or exterior of the home or building. Sonlight Energy Solutions will survey your home or building to decide which strategy is best.

Is Thermal Imaging Necessary?

If you want to find all of the potential problem areas of your home or building in regards to where air is escaping, a thermal (infrared) imaging survey is your best bet. A lot of times, commercial building owners or homeowners will take other steps to help reduce their energy costs only to find out that inadequate insulation was a leading factor in making the home or building’s heating and cooling systems work harder than they had to.

To schedule a thermal imaging home or commercial building energy audit in Toledo, Ohio or the surrounding areas in Northwest Ohio, contact Sonlight Energy Solutions.