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Energy Star Certifications in Toledo

Many of the homes and buildings being built today are crafted with energy efficiency in mind. It’s much easier to keep energy efficiency in mind during the building process than to try and retrofit a home or building to reduce energy consumption later down the road. But how do you know if your new home or building is really being built with energy efficiency in mind? The best way is to have your home or building Energy Star Certified. Sonlight Energy Solutions performs Energy Star Certifications in Toledo, Ohio, the Toledo metro area and throughout communities in Northwest Ohio.

Energy Star Certifications For New Homes

For a home to be Energy Start Certified, the home has to meet the strict guidelines which have been set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star Certified homes are 20 to 30 percent more energy efficient than standard homes. During the building process, areas and components of a home that are scrutinized for energy efficiency include:

• Windows
• Appliances
• Lighting
• Insulation
• Heating and cooling ducts
• Heating and cooling equipment

To determine whether or not a home qualifies for the Energy Star rating, a 3rd party home energy rater must be involved in the building process. Sonlight Energy Solutions will work with your contractors and sub-contractors to ensure that energy efficiency needs are being met.

Energy Star Certifications For Commercial Buildings

There are several types of buildings that are used for commercial or manufacturing purposes that may be able to earn the Energy Star rating. Energy consumption by commercial buildings and manufacturing plants accounts for almost half of all of the energy consumption in the United States. However, a commercial building or manufacturing plant that is Energy Star rated helps reduce energy consumption and the total cost to run or operate a building is also reduced. A few of the types of buildings and plants that may be eligible to earn an Energy Star rating include:

• Hospitals
• Banks
• Hotels
• Auto manufacturing plants
• Schools (K-12)
• Senior living facilities
• Medical buildings
• Warehouses

The list above is a short list of building types that may be eligible to receive the Energy Star rating. For more information about Energy Star Certifications for both residential homes and commercial properties in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas, contact Sonlight Energy Solutions. We’ll be happy to explain the process and guidelines to you and we’ll work with your contractors and sub-contractors so that your home or building will be energy efficient for years to come.